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PC Hardware Testing: What Is the Difference Between Hardware and Software?

When you think about getting your computer fixed, you probably think about talking on the phone with someone who gives you advice. You might not think as often about the physical components of your computer, otherwise known as hardware.

Computer software is the suite of programs, including your operating system, that gives your computer something to do, but your computer can’t do anything if the hardware isn’t in working order. This is why Computer Central offers comprehensive computer hardware testing at our shop.

PC Hardware Scan and Check Service in Boise, ID

You may need to get your hardware tested when your computer doesn’t turn on or keeps shutting off. If you are fairly certain it is not a virus issue or a software issue we can test all the hardware and tell you if any of it is not working. For a flat fee of $140, we will get into the heart of your computer and check each component. To arrange a service, come by our Boise store or call (208) 938-6300.

Once we’ve completed our testing, we may find that a particular component in your computer is not working, but the rest of the computer looks good. In those cases, it’s a very cost-effective solution to only buy and replace individual PC components. This can mean:
  • Completing a RAM (memory) upgrade.
  • Replacing a PC graphics card.
  • Replacing a computer processor.
  • Replacing an audio jack.
  • Replacing a broken hard drive.
Solving common computer problems is often better left to experts than the average user. We can save you time and potential damage to your PC, as well as preventing you from replacing an entire computer when updating a simple computer component is all that is needed. Contact us today by calling (208) 938-6300 or coming by our store if you’re in the Boise/Meridian/Eagle area.
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