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About Us

Computer Central Inc. would like to introduce you to the world of computer savings. At Computer Central Inc., we believe in forming solid partnerships with our clientele and helping them to succeed in this rapidly changing technological world. Our goal is to offer you the lowest possible prices and the very best customer service. Computer Central Inc. beats out the competition with our superior service and our exclusive pricing on a wide variety of computer hardware items.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to introduce Computer Central, Inc. as we begin to focus on our local business-to-business sales and a more aggressive marketing campaign both local and nationwide. We look forward to serving you and becoming “Your Computer Central”.

Customer Service

At Computer Central, we put our customers first. Often large computer repair chains disregard the value of excellent customer service. We have dedicated team of expert technicians who can answer your computer questions and concerns.

Meet the Team


Technician - Had his first computer at 3 and loved working on them since then.


Technician - Started out as a hobby fixing computers and began his career in 1996.


CEO - Entrepreneur since he was 18 and believes in serving the community.


Technician - Military veteran.


Director of Sales - Yo-Yo champion.


Sales - Married his high school sweetheart