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About Us

Computer Central Inc. would like to introduce you to the world of computer savings. At Computer Central Inc., we believe in forming solid partnerships with our clientele and helping them to succeed in this rapidly changing technological world.

Our goal is to offer you the lowest possible prices and the very best customer service. Computer Central Inc. beats out the competition with our superior service and our exclusive pricing on a wide variety of computer hardware items.

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Business Computer Solutions

We have the power and expertise to design, develop and create computer networks of all sizes, capabilities and functions. Perfect for large corporate, education and government industries.

Custom Built Computers

We can build one or multiple custom built computers to provide the necessary solutions for your individual circumstances. Perfect for small to medium sized business and individual needs.

Computer Repair

Bring your computer in and receive expert diagnosis and expertise to repair the largest or smallest of computer repairs. All repair services are communicated up front, with a timely delivery.

Gaming Computers

We build custom gaming computers perfect for multiplayer, live streaming action equipped with the best graphics cards in the industry, and more! Contact Computer Central for details.

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Custom Built PCs

Prices starting at $579


Refurbished PCs

Prices starting at $199

PC Repair Services

Prices Starting at $65

What Our Customers Say

Computer Central Reviews

  • "I bought my computer and other special devices at Computer Central. The customer service I received was great, not only did I get what I exactly needed and wanted, I was also assisted with putting the computer together and was given great advice on what I needed for my internet to be set up. Thank you Computer Central!!"

    Jennifer Schmidt - Metlife
  • "Computer Central has helped us out so much. As a small business we need things fixed fast and new equipment ready right away. We also need all of this done on our budget. Computer Central has helped us with at every turn. Keep up the great work!"

    Kris Lloyd - WebMarkets
  • "We love the convenient location and customer service at Computer Central. The technicians knew what we needed and provided guidance on how to set up internet at our business. We even got internet running for our customers the same day. Highly recommend Computer Central for their customer service and prices."

    Dave Ngo - La Vie Nail Spa