What is an SSD and why should I get one?

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Before I go into what an SSD(Solid State Drive) is and why you need it, (assuming you don’t already have one) I’m going to tell you about your current HDD(Hard Disk Drive). Your HDD is actually technology that is 60 years old! You heard right, it was introduced by IBM in 1956. So putting aside the fact that the technology in your computer is 60 years old there are a couple other things i would like to say about HDD’s and why you should upgrade.



  • Lower Price

  • Large storage sizes


  • Shorter lifetime than an SSD

  • Slower than an SSD

  • Larger than an SSD

  • Has breakable moving parts

  • Moving parts may make noise

  • Slow Copy/Writing speed

  • As low as 30% slower opening files

  • Magnets can erase data on your drive


So as you can see there are quite a few more Cons than Pros as far as an HDD goes. I’ll go into now what an SSD is and why you should get one. So to put it simply a Solid State Drive is a hard drive with no moving parts, whereas your HDD is a rotating disk with an arm that reads your data. SSD’s use what is called “flash memory”, that may sound familiar because that’s the same type of technology a USB thumb/flash drive uses. An SSD however is much bigger, and thanks to its processing unit called a controller, much faster. I will list some Pros and Cons for you with some statistics as well.



  • Longer lifetime than a HDD

  • Faster than an HDD

  • No moving parts

  • Makes no noise

  • Opens files up to 30% faster

  • Magnets have no effect on an SSD


  • Higher Prices


In my opinion getting an SSD is a must, the price most of the time is not an issue. You could get a 240 GB SSD for only 79.99. Most people won’t find the need to upgrade their space for a couple of years and an SSD is a big jump in performance. My computer used to take about 1 minute and 20 seconds to startup back when my Operating System was installed on a HDD. After upgrading to an SSD it now starts somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 seconds. I still keep an HDD for storage but I don’t think I could ever go back to running my OS off of it. An SSD is definitely the route to go!

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