Computer Virus: What is it and how did I get one?

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Viruses are small software programs that are made to transfer from one computer to the other and stop your computer from functioning. You may have come across a few viruses over your course of using the Internet and your computer. A lot of viruses are stopped before they start, though many of them still get through. Your computer may have symptoms, there are a lot so here is a list of some common ones.


  • Pop-ups on and off the internet

  • Computer runs slowly

  • Applications/Programs will not start.

  • Can’t connect to the internet

  • Internet runs slowly

  • Your computer tells you to call a number to have it fixed

  • The internet goes to pages to pages you never opened

  • Files have disappeared from your computer

  • Your anti-virus has disappeared

  • Your computer is “speaking” different languages

  • Your computer has been sending emails and opening applications on its own

  • The mouse cursor moves around like someone else is controlling it


A computer virus can spread through files on your computer, an example is a link or picture that you receive in your email. Even just going to the wrong website can infect your computer! Clicking or opening a link, picture or website address from someone you do not trust or that you weren’t expecting to get an email from is a bad idea. Clicking these links or pictures are one of the main reasons people get viruses. Also another reason you may get a virus is you have been told to download a certain application. You search this application up and download it, ALWAYS read what you are agreeing to. Programs almost always try to get you to download some other form of software along with their product, like a toolbar. A toolbar seems harmless right? Wrong, even something that simple can open the door to a host of viruses.


        If you get any emails or anything suspicious like what I have mentioned, delete the said email and do not open it. Remember to only open it if it’s from someone you know or if you were expecting it. Also only download software that you can trust, and when downloading that software make sure not to just hit the “NEXT” button, read what you are agreeing to. Take a look at the following pictures to get a feel for what you should be looking for.


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