Before I go into what an SSD(Solid State Drive) is and why you need it, (assuming you don’t already have one) I’m going to tell you about your current HDD(Hard Disk Drive). Your HDD is actually technology that is 60 years old! You heard right, it was introduced by IBM in 1956. So putting aside the fact that the technology in your computer is 60 years old there are a couple other things i would like to say about HDD’s and why you should upgrade.
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Viruses are small software programs that are made to transfer from one computer to the other and stop your computer from functioning. You may have come across a few viruses over your course of using the Internet and your computer. A lot of viruses are stopped before they start, though many of them still get through. Your computer may have symptoms, there are a lot so here is a list of some common ones.
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